Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race 2017 – Daily Updates – Day 23 – Alan Young

3100 Scoreboard
3100 Scoreboard Photo by Alan Young

Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race 2017 – Daily Updates – Day 23

Daily Diary
Monday 9th July – Day 23

This is unbelievable – another super day for running. Dark clouds surround us in the late afternoon, but no rain comes our way.

Most seem to make most of the good conditions? especially Vasu. He passed the half way mark late in the day and also posts 126 laps, his best since day 14. Kaneenika changes her shoes early evening and did not look so comfortable. But she still had the best women’s numbers.

Much of today’s lap recording slots are booked?, so my lap recording stints are covering for the late arrivals and/or those wanting away early.

But still there are other tasks to keep us active.
One the main ones is to refurbish the score board numbers. It is estimated they are 35+ years old and the velcro is past it on most of the numbers and they are starting to blow off when windy.

There are 9 numbers with 8 having around 15 each with 6 doubling as 9 (took me ages to spot this one as I could not find any 9’s. !!!)
“More velcro needed is the cry”.
This is for the 3100 – how many more required for the 6 and 10 day races?
AHH, the joys of behind the scenes work.

Crew Chief

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