Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race 2017 – Daily Updates – Day 12 – Alan Young

Harita Davie
Harita Davie Photo by Utpal Marshall

Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race 2017 – Daily Updates – Day 12

Daily Diary
Thurs 30th June
For me the event is starting to follow a pattern.
Up at 4 am to shower and shave. It’s the dressing that takes the time with only one working arm. However sleeping with upper body against the wall I can rise with little pain. ? It’s dressing with only one arm that takes the time.
From 5 am it takes around 45 mins to set everything and be ready for the off at 6 am. Perhaps the most difficult thing is to know what direction they have to go -“it’s ODD to go up on a flat course”.  From 6 am to around 10:30 am keep the drinks and food station stocked and update the leader board  every second hour.
Sahishnu arrives then, do any lap recording that may be required. If none required I can usually fit in an afternoon nap. Most late afternoons I am asked to lap record, and nearly always through the finish at midnight. As on “light duties” I can get straight off to the apartment and in bed by 1 am.
42, Christchurch, New Zealand
She has been running prodigious miles in the Sri Chinmoy Oneness- Peace Run. She has a good performance in the 10 day Race and one of the world’s leading handlers.
Debut at the 3100.
Coming to today’s start line with an amazing streak of 7 straight days of 110 laps per day. By midnight she will break this with 111 laps for day 12. She will have a total of 728 miles and only 16 miles behind with great Kaneenika.
Crew Chief

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About Alan Young 30 Articles
Alan Young is in New York at the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race 2017 and is sending news from the race from his unique position as Crew Chief. Alan has been crewing top athletes in ultra and multiday events for many years and had planned to crew for William Sichel who withdrew at the last minute as his wife, Elizabeth, had cancer and who passed away two weeks into the race. From his trackside role Alan is able to share his thoughts and insights on the runners and along with daily interviews by Utpal Marshall at, will help provide access to all online data of life at the race.

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