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Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2008 13:56:59 -0700
From: Don Charles Lundell
Subject: Re: Running America 2008 is underway
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Pretty dramatic, and it’s only day 6.

Day 6 / September 18, 2008 / by Charlie Engle

It’s about 6:15 pm and at the moment, we are currently trying to figure out how to customize an orthotic to take pressure off the ball of my foot. I have massive bruising on the ball of my foot. What I’m really doing is building up my arch to keep the ball of my foot from striking the orthotic.

What’s happened over the past few days has basically been one problem causing another, and we are now up to about the 8th problem. This all started with a simple cold and small infection which led to a rash which led to me changing my running gait, which led to blisters, further causing me to change my running which resulted in Achille’s tendinitis. This has led to bruising on the bottoms of both feet. My feet have been striking the ground harder and in a different way than usual.

I’m going to leave the Super 8 now and start running in about an hour. I’ll be heading into the open desert where there are no super 8’s or cell signals for the next 3 days. I wouldn’t be surprised if I did find a slot machine, though. The goal is to get as many miles in as possible, whether I run or walk. I plan to do this until about noon tomorrow.

Technically, I’m only a few miles behind, and still within reach of the pace that I need. It’s critical now to get healthy. I’m really only 3 miles behind at this point, considering that this is day number 6.

I never had any doubt as to how difficult this would be, but it’s turned out to be even more challenging than I ever could have imagined. My guess is, Marshall is about 50 miles in front of me at this point. I should close that gap tonight while he’s sleeping, but he’s having some of his own issues with his Achilles and the heat and hydration, but overall he is just moving steadily forward and continues to amaze me. He’s the only guy I know that can take a shot at the record for the fastest trans continental crossing and get discounts with his AARP card along the way. He’s my hero. The home of multiday running news and events.

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