Run Arun Run – Arun Bhardwaj Completes First Trans India Run

Arun Bhardwaj and crew
Arun Bhardwaj and crew
Arun Bhardwaj, family and crew

Arun Bhardwaj Completes First Trans India Run by reaching the tip of mainland India, Kanya Kumari – a place revered from time immemorial by all Indians on Friday November 30th 2012 at about 4:50 pm.

This pioneering journey of 4,000 kms and 61 days of non-stop running, from the beautiful, snowy peaks and rarefied air of the Himalayas culminated among the multi-colored sands on the beaches of Kanya Kumari after beginning his run in Kargill on October the first 2012.

The run came to a close with Arun entering the ocean and his facebook page leaves us with Arun’s final words:

“Yeh sab aatma bal aur mansik bal ke hi kaaran se poora hua hai. Sharirik bal ek hadh tak hi seemit hai jo aap ko itna door nahi la sakta. Yeh shakti sab ke andar hai aur main chaahta hoon ki har manushya apne under ki aatma ko jogaye aur uske bal se weh kuch bhi kar sakta hai.”

Translated roughly as: All this could get completed due to the energy of the Soul and Mind. The physical body’s strength is limited up to a point only and cannot take one too far. This Shakti is inside everyone and I wish that every human being can invoke this and with this strength, one can do anything.”

Checkout Arun’s K2K journey on Facebook The home of multiday running news and events.

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