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the last desert 2012

the last desert 2012The Last Desert – Antarctica 2012 18:50, 28 November, Stage 3
Stage 3 on Neko Harbour, the mainland of Antarctica, has concluded. The high level of snow made it necessary to set a steep and shortened course. The lead competitors covered less than 15 kilometers. Spain’s Vicente Garcia Beneito and Scotland’s Fergus Edwards covered a similar distance. In the women’s division, Germany’s Anne-Marie Flammersfeld again came out on top. The competitors enjoyed the stunning views with the Koreans and Japanese sharing a special orange juice drink at the top of the steep hill. All competitors finished the stage and some are now taking a “polar plunge” into the ocean before a night of camping on shore. Tomorrow will be the final stage of The Last Desert and, depending on weather, could last for ten hours or more. The Champions of The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2012 and the 4 Deserts Series will be decided at the end of the week. The race has been nothing short of extraordinary with one of the strongest and most committed fields to ever take part.

The Last Desert – Antarctica 2012 12:00, 29 November, Stage 4
After spending the night camping in the snow on Neko Harbour, competitors on the M/V Plancius are currently waiting off Doumer Island for the start of Stage 4, the final stage of The Last Desert (Antarctica) 2012. Winds are hovering around 40 knots per hour and it is not possible to go to shore at this time. Doumer Island, an island sized kilometers / 4.5 miles long and 3.2 kilometers / 2 miles wide, is the site of an abandoned Chilean base. Stage 4 is expected to last all day; however, if the weather does not improve the stage may have to be cancelled. Some competitors do not seem troubled by the morning weather. Japan’s Yoshihiro Sato stated, “So far Stage “0” was the hardest, passing through the Drake Passage fighting with motion sickness.” Mie Iida of Japan said, “I’m so happy to be here. The Last Desert (Antarctica) is always exciting – the stage can be changed due to weather, conditions, or any reason. We need to be ready for anything.” Seiji Shishido said, “The 4 Deserts has given me a lesson: Never give up.” Hidechika Kabasawa said, “Though I have not traveled abroad [much], the 4 Deserts showed me the world is huge and gave my mind a wider view.”

Stage 4 Updates

“This fourth and final stage took place on Danko Island. It was a cold and snowy day and the stage began at 5:30pm, having been cut short due to rough weather and strong winds. With temperatures of 1 Celsius and a light snow falling, it was a truly wintery scene. The cut-off was set for the first person to reach a cumulative distance of 200-kilometers or until 8:30pm.

 As it was a fairly flat course,it didn’t take long for race leader, Vicente Juan Garcia Beneito to reach the mark—having already accumulated 182.75-kilometers from Stage 3. It was a fast stage, with Germany’s Michael Brehe—who has put in an excellent performance here in Antarctica—proving to be the fastest.”

The Last Desert – Antarctica 2012 23:10, 29 November, Stage 4
The final stage of The Last Desert 2012 concluded on Danko Island on 29 November 2012. Vicente Juan Garcia Beneito made history by winning all 4 Deserts races in one year. Michael Brehe from Germany came second. Anne-Marie Flammersfeld broke records also by being the first women to win all 4 Deserts in one year. Competitors are now back in the ship celebrating. M/V Plancius is starting the long journey back to Ushuaia tonight.

Place Runner Km
1 GARCIA BENEITO, Vicente Juan 200.35
2 BREHE, Michael 191.75
3 KABASAWA, Hidechika 179.35
1 FLAMMERSFELD, Anne-Marie 186.95
2 HERNANDEZ SAN JUAN, Nahila 160.85
2 SUCKLING, Sandy 160.85

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