Icarus Florida UltraFest 2017

Icarus Florida UltraFest 2017

The Fourth Annual Icarus Florida UltraFest 2017 gets underway in a few hours in Ft Lauderdale 09:00 (am) EST, and features a 6 day race, 72/48/24 and 12 hour options. A total of 39 runners are signed up with 11 runners in the  6 day including Sarah Barnett, the womens favourite, Arun Bhardwaj from India and 79 year old Texan, Don Winkley.

Race philosophy
“Symbolizing high flying ambition, the myth of Icarus warns us against complacency and hubris, and similarly, ultrarunning symbolizes the human drive for empowerment and warns us against heeding our own limitations, self doubt, and fears. To those in the sport, ultrarunning is not only a way to be better, but also to know thyself, and know what better means. To those on the outside of the sport, ultrarunning is the myth that truly heroic things are not achieved by mere mortals, but only by heroes. Icarus Florida UltraFest was organized with the idea that truly heroic things can be achieved by all of us — if we are willing to put in the time, energy and effort demanded by the task. ” Andre & Claire Nana Race Directors.

Website: www.icarusfloridaultrafest.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/icarusultra

Live Results09:00 (am) EST


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