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  1. Hello,

    I have my doubts that this guy is a real runner.
    On his website: http://www.worldrun.de/
    he is claiming to run:
    2001 – 493k in a week in Germany
    2002 – 520k in a week in Germany
    2003 – over 500k in Irak from Basra to Bagdad
    2004 – 1800k in 2 weeks Athens, Greece to Salzburg, Austria
    2005 – 925k in Germany

    I think I am a bit interested in Ultrarunning but I never heard of Robby Clemens before nore he ran any of the normal 100k or 24h events in Germany.
    Especially the 1800k (1118 miles) in 14 days means 80 miles a day, which makes him a brilliant runner, if this is true.

    I have my daubts.

    Markus Mueller
    Finisher of Trans Australia Footrace 2001
    10 days New York 2000 with “only” 630 miles

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