Boa Vista Ultramarathon 2006


Registration for the 6th edition of the Boa Vista Ultramarathon set up
for 5-6-7 December is open: 150 km between ocean and desert. Defined
the competition program for the athletes and fixed the companion fare.

Press Release 13th Spetember 2006
Boa Vista Ultramarathon, something unique. Would you have ever thought
about the possibility to run between two giants such as the ocean and
desert? We are in Cape Vert, ex portuguese colony. The first week of
December, a thick group of brave runners coming from everywere in the
world, with their backpacks and a road-book will be ready to run 150 km
race to cover in 60 hours. A competition that mixes running and
orienteering, but fast could not be enough, it will be necessary to
use every strategy and exploit them till the end of your own capability
of resistance: you have to be well trained and above all to have a big
spirit of adventure. But everyone can take part to the Boa Vista
Ultramarathon, as above all you have to plan a good strategy, to sleep
when necessary and to manage your own strength. Running during the day
under a very hot sun with an average of 27 C and the night under a
starry sky. Safety is a must: too offen in sport events organized in the
desert or all alone in very wide spaces expose the competitors to risks
without they even know. This is not the case of Boa Vista Ultramarathon:
a medical equipe follows the race in a continuos radio contact with the
You can compete all alone or in two (two men, two women or mix ) but if
the attendance to the event is in couple, the two partners will have to
run together, without separating each other till the end of the race.
Obviously, also the result is important, aboveall with a final prize of
more than 6.000 euro to be divided among the different categories. The
final prizes are not the only attraction for the competitors, the
glamour of a unique competition in its gender, that can make feel strong
emotions, that will last in everyone’s memories. A spread spirit as the
number of competitors enrolled keeps on increasing year by year.

In charge of travel booking and reservations for Italy and for those
interested the agency Brixia Viaggi (
<> ) who can organize the trip from any
other nation. The cost has been fixed at 880 euro (with flight from
Italy, bed & breakfast) + 320 euro for the registration to the
competition (check the official website on
<> ), whereas for the companion fare the
cost is 900 euro all inclusive.

“After crossing sand dunes and lavic stones, climbing till the top of
the lighthouse and after crossing the jungle, facing a breath taking the
final rush before the arrive, a track to face and to overcome more with
the mind that with the legs” says Piergiorgio Scaramelli race director a
fascinating emotion will stay in everyone’s heart, either from a race
point of view either from the organizing point of view.

Free digital images are available HERE
or getting in touch with the press agency

Organizing Commitee:

Friesian Team

Corso della Vittoria, 1034

21042 Caronno Pertusella (VA) – Italy

tel. 0039.335.354.958 fax 0039.02.9645.7364

[email protected] [email protected]> <>

Press Office:

COMeta PRess

Via V Alpini, 4

24124 Bergamo – Italy

tel. 0039.035.346525 fax 0039.035.8593.1191

[email protected] [email protected]> –


CAPE VERDE is a country of ten islands located among Africa, America and
the Old Continent, it is a place where cultures, flavours and colours
meet each other and which recalls colonial cities, tribal rithmes and
the happines of Southamerica. The volcanic archipel is located 600
kilometers from the coast of Senegal, but very far from the culture and
the ideas of african world and every island has very different
morphological features. A country of 4,033 kmq and with a population of
350,000, a land contended for its strategical position in the Atlantic
See. Few hours of flight from Europe, Cape Verd offers a tropical and a
moderate climate all the year, suggesting such as the perfect place, to
discover again, for the see lovers, and for people that love water sport
and trekking. The climate of Cape Verde is tropical dry, with an avarage
temperature of 26 C, thanks to the ocean that mitigates the climate,
whereas the see temperature is between 21 C in Februar and March and 26
C between July and October. The climate in the hilly islands, Santiago,
Santo Antao, Sao Nicolau and Fogo, with a warm sun all the year.
BOAVISTA is a spot with strong contrasts where the ocean and the desert
dunes live together, oasis and long streches of red land that introduce
the more african part of the island. Sal Rei is the chief town of
Boavista. 55 km of beaches, a perfect circle around the island. Long
expanse of white sand. Point of leaving for subs and surfers or pure
angle where to see turtles and whales far from the matallic noises of
ours cities. In Boavista doesn’t exist the traffic noise but the so
called barulho, a mix of music and voices. Women voices which sell fruit
at the market, children which play in the streets and old people talk.
At night you can mostly hear the sound of morna, borned in Boavista to
sing the sodade, the homesickness of Cape Vert people abroad because of
the work, the african rithmes with the sound from Brasil. This is
Boavista, far away from the wild tourism. The home of multiday running news and events.

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