Magredi Mountain Trail Races 2011

magredi mountain trail races flyerSubject: A new ultramarathon race of 100 Miles in Italy -07/08/09 October 2011

This is official: 1st March 2011 open enrollment MMT100 MILE, the first fully 100 miles run on the Italian territory. The news is from the President of the Organizing Committee ASD Magredi Mountain Trail, Massimiliano Bello, who assisted by his coaching staff has become spokesman for the event, also at the last edition of the International Tourism Exchange in Milan.

“The route has been designed and tested by a great athlete fellow, to whom we are proud both on the sports and on the human level: the European Champion Ivan Cudin of 24 hours. Together they developed the other three National athlets of specialty: Monica Barchetti, Enrico Vedilei and Andrea Accorsi.
Thanks to their experience in the field we were able to propose a course quite challenging, yet completely accessible and less experienced athletes of the Trail.
It’s just one of our main objectives, to bring more people to race with confidence, enjoying the magnificent views that this land has to offer: mountains, lakes, steppe and rock. From the mountains of Piancavallo, the fantastic Barcis Lake, to dive into the lunar landscape of Magredi, steppe of Friuli. Recall also that the event will be joined by two races over shorter distances, for those who want to always test on a similar path, but low mileage: the MMT60k (60km) and GTM25K (25km).
360 degree view of the event we have prepared a 3 days long party: 7 to 9 October 2011, the Friuli Venezia Giulia become a festival in the name of sport and entertainment value.”

The Official Rules and the necessary forms for registration are available online.

From the voice of Mr. Massimiliano Bello we learn that the number of participants is limited to 500 for MMT100MILE / 300 for MMT60K / 400 for GTM25K.
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