Dean Karnazes Starts Run Across America 2011

Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes began his latest project yesterday, February 25th:

“a coast-to-coast challenge designed to inspire Americans to get up, get active and get healthy.
Beginning in Southern California on February 25 with a spectacular kick-off event at The Disneyland
Resort that will be broadcast that morning on LIVE, Karnazes will undertake the unthinkable: he’ll run
nearly 3,000 miles, averaging an unbelievable 40-50 miles daily, nearly the equivalent of two marathons
every day. From California, he’ll make his way cross-country through the Southwest, passing through
Arizona and New Mexico on his way to America’s Heartland. After running through Kansas, Missouri,
Indianapolis and Ohio, he’ll head down to the nation’s capital, then travel north through Maryland and
Pennsylvania, before completing his journey in mid-May when he runs into LIVE’s New York City studio,
live on the air.
In addition to sending an important message about health and fitness, the run also will benefit Action for
Healthy Kids®, the nation’s leading nonprofit and largest volunteer network fighting childhood obesity and
undernourishment. Action for Healthy Kids helps schools become healthier places and teaches kids to eat
right, be active every day and ready to learn.”

Karnazes project to run across the US is one of many either underway or planned but no-one has the media support that Karnazes has built around his projects.

John Wallace III has kindly posted a snapshot of the “Crossers” scene on the Ultralist and is reproduced below.

Trans USA Crossers

69 days on the road.
Milton Miller
Miami Beach, FL – Santa Monica, CA
2,700 miles | 12/19/2010 – 3/28/2011

68 days on the road.
Tony Mangan
Calais, ME – San Diego, CA
3,885 miles | 12/20/2010 – 6/16/2011
Cause: Support Aware’s fight to remove the stigma from depression

49 days on the road.
Zoe Romano
Huntington Beach, CA – Charleston, SC
2,500 miles | 1/8/2011 – TBD
Cause: Boys & Girls Club

37 days on the road.
Jeffrey Grabosky
Oceanside, CA – Smith Point, NY
3,800 miles | 1/20/2011 – TBD
Cause: Promoting Prayer. Especially throuth The Rosary

12 days on the road.
John Price
Venice Beach, CA – Virgina Beach, VA
3,100 miles | 2/14/2011 – 4/14/2011
Cause: Personal satisfaction.

1 day on the road.
Dean Karnazes
Anaheim, CA – New York City, NY
2,907 miles | 2/25/2011 – 5/9/2011
Cause: Action for Healthy Kids.

1 days until the start.
Croix Sather
San Diego, CA – New York City, NY
3,000 miles | 2/26/2011 – 6/3/2011
Cause: Inspirational seminars urging everyone to follow their dreams.

3 days until the start.
Noah Coughlan
Oceanside, CA – Jacksonville, FL
2,500 miles | 2/28/2011 – 7/9/2011
Cause: Raise awareness and money for Batten Disease.

4 days until the start.
Ed Roshitsh
Charleston, SC – San Diego, CA
2,400 miles | 3/1/2011 – 4/30/2011
States TBD
Cause: Freedom is Not Free charity

65 days until the start.
Mark Allison
Huntington Beach, CA – Coney Island, NY
3,028.4 miles | 5/1/2011 – 8/6/2011
Cause: The Childern’s Foundation and St Benedict’s Hospice

85 days until the start.
Greg Vaughn
(CA –> Flight 93 Site –> Pentagon –> Ground Zero)
3,400 miles | 5/21/2011 – 9/11/2011
Cause: To honor and remember the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

114 days until the start.
18 Participants
Santa Monica, CA – New York City, NY
3,220 miles | 6/19/2011 – 8/27/2011
Cause: 70 Day Stage Race Across America.

120 days until the start.
Olivier Antoine
Los Angeles, CA – NYC, NY
3,200 miles | 6/25/2011 – TBD
States: CA,NV,UT,CO,KS,MO,
Cause: Self development, surpassing oneself, and well-being.

141 days until the start.
Dr. Dennis Godby
San Francisco, CA – Bridgeport, CT
3,258 miles | 7/17/11 – 11/16/11
Cause: Expand awareness of naturopathic medicine

176 days until the start.
Chris Finill & Steve Pope
San Francisco, CA – New York City, NY
3,000 miles | 8/21/11 – 11/5/11
Cause: Help for Heroes

Checkout John’s authoratative website for all the Trans USA news The home of multiday running news and events.

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