Everest Trail Race 2018 – Results

Jordi Gamito and Manu Vilaseca
Jordi Gamito and Manu Vilaseca photo by ETR


EVEREST TRAIL RACE 2018 by The Elements Pure Coconut Water

Lukla (13-11-18) Jordi Gamito (ESP) of The Elements became the first international athlete to win the Everest Trail Race. Purnimaya Rai (NPL)

won the women’s category.

Jordi Gamito finished the Everest Trail Race by The Elements to close an impressive season with great performances. Today he defended his leadership at the starting line of the last stage with an amazing gap of approximately 2:30 hours. Never before has an occidental athlete won the event when other local runners participated, but today Gamito made history at the event. From the beginning the Platja d’Aro runner planned a steady race always conscious of being at the head of the field. He didn’t wanted to take risks that could have ended the party and victory at the finish line at Lukla, crossing the finish line in 4:22, side by side with Manu Vilaseca, his team partner from The Elements and who was second place in the overall women’s category. Gamito ran an impressive and intelligent race ending an amazing year, where he podiumed at other big races: UTMB, Gran Raid Isla Reunion, and Ultra Pirineu.

In second place was, the Madrilian Sergio Arias who tried his best behind an undefeatable Gamito. In third position Joan Soler defended his podium place against local Nepal Pasang Sherpa with an impressive last day attack that carried him to a deserved stage victory at this last 30km day of the competition at Lukla.

In the women’s side, Purnimaya Rai won the final stage and took the overall victory, controlling the race since the second stage when she took the lead. After Pikey Peak, the highest point of the event at 4.100 meters over sea level, she consistently made time and distance against her immediate and second overall female competitor, the Brazilian Manu Vilaseca. British runner Rebecca Ferry took third place.

Today’s day has increased all’s endorphins until the finish line at Lukla. Located at the entrance of the town, the finish line is situated beside the door entrance of the place, decorated with the statue of Pasang Lhamu, the first Nepali to climb Everest in 1993 and losing her life falling on the descent of that climb. Every local Nepali or tourist that leaves Lukla says goodbye. Every participant was received and welcomed by the staff and race director when crossing the finish line, and a kata is ceremonially given at the runners neck, something that created a sentiment impossible to find in any other event. The effort, the hours of competition, the ascents and descents, the partnership, the cold, the wind, the altitude, the good and bad moments, everything mixes up at Lukla’s finish line, maybe one of the most emotive finish lines of the world races. The mystical Nepal ambience helps to reinforce these feelings and contemplation of Nepal’s views sightseeing the mountains and their summits at the top of the world do the rest. Weather conditions were playful during the event, dense fog at the beginning of the race complicated air traffic at Lukla, the cold was predominant with a progressive decrease of the temperature while the day was going on. All the participants reached the finish on time, and just one DNF happened during the first stage. Its a great achievement for all the participants that return home carrying their legs of 160 total kms over 6 stages and 29.000 meters of total elevation gained. The experience will remain with them forever.

Website: www.everesttrailrace.com
Results: www.everesttrailrace.com/en/runners/clasifications

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