Delphi-Olympia 2012

A new ultra race has been conceived and conducted by a team of runners and running experts – creating a new multiday event in Greece for 2012. Starting at Delphi in the north and finishing at Olympia the route traverses several mountains with the course 60% mountain tracks and 40% rural asphalt roads – 260 km.

Scheduled for 4th-6th May 2012, the race organisers have assembled a classic multiday race that is steeped in Greek history and links the past and the present to provide a great challenge and a unique experience.

This event links Delphi and Olympia, two famous sites of antiquity, where the runners complete the race at the mythical Stadium of Olympia with its history of twelve centuries of Olympic Games.

This race is a challenging multiday race and is therefore not suitable for novice ultrarunners. Evidence of 2-3 races longer than 100 km completed recently must be supplied.

The entry fees are 280 €.

The website has English as well as Greek and French translations and of course there is always Google Translate. Maps, photos and entry form are all available at: The home of multiday running news and events.

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