Chris Carver’s ‘Run To London’ May 2009

orchidrunChris Carver, from Otley, is about to take on the biggest challenge of his life. On Saturday 23rd May 2009 he will travel, on foot, from Otley to London, for Orchid, a charity that funds research into, and raises awareness of, male specific cancers.

The challenge is to run the 218 miles as quickly as possible. Chris says “As it is now almost certain that I’ll be taking part in the Commonwealth Ultra Running Championships in September I need a challenge to keep me fit and motivated before then so I am taking this challenge very seriously and I don’t want to let my sponsors down.”

Training for this is a serious challenge in itself, but I know that the funds I raise will go towards the fight against male cancers. Orchid is the only UK registered cancer charity to focus entirely on the male-specific cancers; prostate, penile and testicular. They exist to save lives and suffering caused by these diseases by funding medical research and promoting awareness about them.

For too long male-specific cancers have been under-funded and under-supported as far as research and awareness are concerned. But, with 35,000 cases of prostate cancer, and 2000 testicular cancer cases per year, the incidence of male-specific cancers is relentlessly approaching the number of breast cancer cases. Out of every 100 cancers diagnosed in men, 24 are of the prostate, and if that isn’t thought-provoking enough, there are 10,000 deaths every year – that’s one man every hour.

On the road to London he plans to attack the British records for 300 km and 200 miles which are (34 hours 26:29 and 38 hours 22:15 respectively). He has also been in contact with Guinness World Records TM with a view to setting an inaugural record for running from Leeds to London.

This seems to be all the more remarkable when one considers that he suffered from testicular cancer himself and later had part of his right lung removed due to lung cancer. “As a cancer survivor myself I’m very aware of the need to raise voluntary funds enabling Orchid to continue funding pioneering research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these dreadful diseases. Orchid also seek to improve education about them so that symptoms can be recognised and medical attention sought early; helping doctors to find cancers at an early stage when treatment is easier. Men should not die because of ignorance or embarrassment.”

Raising funds will be no mean feat. “With a target of £2000, I’ll have to fundraise just as hard as I will have to train. The attached shopping list also gives an idea of how the money I raise will be used to support their work.”

Chris needs all the help he can get to reach his target. “Locals, friends and family have been very generous but I still have a long way to go” says Chris. “Just a few pounds would help me get closer to my target.”

You can help Chris enormously by donating at

Alternatively, more information (including full details of the route) is available from his website at and clicking on the ‘Run To London’ link or by directly visiting

If you would like more information on the events run by Orchid then please call the Events Team on 0207 600 1155 or visit and click on Events.

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