Brugg 24/12/6 Hour Races 2017 – Results

Helen James
Helen James Photo courtesy of Wendy Edwards

The Brugg 24/12/6 Hour Races 2017 drew to a close at noon on Sunday local time in Switzerland. Simon Schmid (SUI) was first man in the 24 hour with 212.975 km. Second was Hannes Veide (EST) and third was Julian Schneckenburger (SUI).

Women’s winner was Saara Mikkonen (SWE) with 172 km. Second was Steffi Schiffgen (GER) and third was Sarka Kolbova (CZE).

In the 12 hour, Helen James (GBR) won outright with 114 km after a protracted battle with Juana Vasella (GER) just 500 m behind. Leading man was Wolfgang Metzger with 102 km.

Ivan Penalba Lopez (ESP) won the mens 6 hour with 102 km and first woman was Gabriella Verga (SUI) with 43 km.

In 2018 Brugg will host the Swiss National 12 Hour Championships and are scheduled to take place 22-23 September 2018.

Pos Name Ctry Km
Men 24 hour
1 Simon Schmid SUI 212.975
2 Hannes Veide EST 208.829
3 Julian Schneckenburger SUI 200.982
Women 24 hour
1 Saara Mikkonen SWE 172.417
2 Steffi Schiffgen GER 159.144
3 Sarka Kolbova CZE 155.586
Women 12 hour
1 Helen James GBR 114.973
2 Juana Vasella GER 114.329
3 Sabrina Lederle AUT 102.452
Men 12 hour
1 Wolfgang Metzger GER 102.828
2 Marc Graf SUI 89.760
3 Beat Knechtle SUI 77.883
Men 6 hour
1 Ivan Penalba Lopez ESP 82.071
2 Rolf Fischbacher SUI 68.935
3 Jörg Destefani SUI 68.041
Women 6 hour
1 Gabriella Verga SUI 43.018
2 Celina Knechtle SUI 40.050

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