Big Dog Backyard Ultra 2013 – 25 Hour Update

big-book-300x257The Big Dog Backyard Ultra is underway in Bell Buckle, TN. Organised by Laz, the race is a last-man-standing type of event which takes place on a 4 mile trail loop.

A single loop race will take place at every hour, on the hour. Runners failing to complete a 4 miler within an hour will be timed out. Runners failing to make the start in any hour will be eliminated. The winner will be the last man (or woman) able to complete a loop within the time limit. The finish is determined by the last person standing.


After 25 hours the 37 starters are reduced to 6 competitors and after a gap of five hours since the last drop, Tim Dines didnt make it to the start line for Lap 25. All the runners have completed 104.175 miles with Keith in the least amount of time.

These are the warriors:

1 Keith Knipling
2 Tim Englund
3 Jim Ball
4 Marcy Beard
5 Sheryl Wheeler
6 Mark Williams


Live updates

Event website: Ultrarunning and more The home of multiday running news and events.

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