Across The Years 2017 – Updates

Adela Salt
Adela Salt in the ATY 24 hour event. Photo courtesy Jubilee Page

The Acoss The Years 2017 multiday race is about the 65 hour mark and the 6 day event is being led by Canadian Dave Proctor whilst the women’s leader is Annabel Hepworth from Australia.

The event takes place at Camelback Ranch on a 1689.5 meter (1.0498 mile) loop, consisting of gravel paths (0.90 mile) with short sections of asphalt (0.12 mile) and concrete (0.03 mile).

Each day features a 24 hour race with options for 48 and 72 hours on the various days with all events finishing on January 3rd 2018.

Currently leading the womens 24 hour races is Adela Salt with 129.1224 miles (207.8023 km) and mens leader is Marko Heinila 103.9277 miles (167.2555 km).

In the 48 hour, Mark Dangerfield leads with 146.9686 miles (236.5230 km) and womens leader is Yen Nguyen with 100.7785 miles (162.1872 km).

The 72 hour is being led by Melissa Soper with 197.3578 miles (317.6166 km) and mens leader is Brian Recore with 151.1677 miles (243.2808 km).

Top 6 day race placings are:

Pos Name Ctry Km
Men 6 Day
1 Dave Proctor CAN 466
2 Ed Ettinghausen USA 363
3 Iso Yucra-Rivera BOL 338
Women 6 Day
1 Annabel Hepworth AUS 310
2 Yolanda Holder USA 280
3 Edda Bauer GER 266

LinksRace website: Across The Years
Live Results:
Facebook: Aravaipa Running The home of multiday running news and events.

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