6 Jours de France Privas 2018

The 6 Jours de France Privas, Privas 6 day race wrapped up August 25th with Olivier Chaigne winning for the first time in Privas but for the third time in the events history and Mimi Chevillon also taking the title for the third time.

Hot dry conditions, 30-37 degrees for the first half of the race followed by humid weather that gave way to torrential rain and hail on thursday that forced the organisers to suspend the race for  two and a half hours. 88 starters.

Kathy Crilley wrote a report posted on the Centurions site.

6 Day Overall results (Runners and Walkers)

1Olivier Chaigne753 963
2Fabien Schlegel705 563
3Manu Izquierdo683 023
1Mimi Chevillon621 743
2Chantal Pain568 483
3Claudie Bizard564 643

Website: www.6jours-de-france.fr
Live Results: www.6jours-de-france.fr/index.php/

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