3 Days At The Fair 2017 – 6 Day Race – Final Results

The 3 Days At The Fair 2017 drew to a close yesterday at the County Fairgrounds in Jersey. Jeffrey Dimaggio took the top spot spot in the 6 day race, the longest event in this ultrarunning festival, with 380 miles and first woman was Ella Roberta Lombardi with 358 miles.

Top places of most of the events are given below.

Men6 Day
1Jeffrey Dimaggio380
2David Lettieri373
3Fred Murolo365
Women6 Day
1Ella Roberta Lombardi358
2Darlene Kresse303
3Joan Cook267
Men72 Hours
1Darren Worts251
2Mathieu Weiner224
3Chris Filby209
Women72 Hours
1Catherine Cohen150
2Faye Hawn129
3Alison Combs112
Men48 Hours
1Philip McCarthy166
2Gerald Tabios146
3Jimmie Barnes132
Women48 Hours
1Catherine Cohen70
2Alison Combs67
3Faye Hawn64
Men24 Hours
1Christopher Delucia125
2Aaron Mulder115
3Harry Turner111
Women24 Hours
1Beth Pretti109
2Catherine Kelly108
3Suzanne Weightman106
Men12 Hours
1Scott Defusco71
2Gary Sexton56
3Sergey Nizhegorodtsev50
Women12 Hours
1Mary Worts54
2Pauline Tarife52
3Jessika Briggs47
Men6 Hours
1Nathan Szabados41
2Jonathan Dubois19
Women6 Hours
1Susan Winkelried26
2Chantal Morin23
3Lindsey Jennings12
Men50 k Times incomplete at time of going to press
1Kevin Hill5:22:45
Women50 k
1Antoinette Chance6:32:43
1Michael Wolfe3:07:14
1Abby McCarthy4:22:07

Race results are available via spreadsheet
Race Facebook
Race website: 3 Days At The Fair

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