Yukon Arctic Ultra 2009

yukon arctic ultra logoThe Yukon Arctic Ultra, the Marathon Des Sables of the Arctic, began on Sunday on Feb. 15th – 28th, 2009 with 14 entrants in the 300 mile event and 16 in the 430 mile race.
Temperatures are a little milder right now with -12 at Whitehorse and -25 at Dawson but nevertheless several people have scratched in the 300 and 3 have pulled out of the 430. Not an easy event.
There are three disciplines in the race: mountain bike, ski and foot. This year there is only one competitor in the mtb division – Englands Alan Sheldon and he is ahead of the field right now, a field where 12 of the 30 starters are English. Leading the runners in the 300 is Peter Mild from Sweden and in the 430 miler, Italian Enrico Ghidoni is in first place.

Checkout the details at: Arcticultra.de

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