William Sichel Set For Record At Loutraki

In the Independent:

The angora rabbit man who eats up the miles

Six-day races and a 127-year-old record are just a hop to ultra-runner William Sichel

By Nick Harris

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


In his day job, William Sichel hand dyes knitting yarn from the wool of angora rabbits to produce thermal clothing, including underwear, on the Isle of Sanday in Orkney. His sporting life is not so conventional.

Sichel, who is 55 but looks much younger, is ranked No 2 in the world in the six-day ultra-marathon and will next month aim to prove that “go as you please” distance records are not the preserve of eccentric Victorians.

From 3 April, he will compete in a seven-day race at the International Ultra-marathon Festival in Loutraki, outside Athens. In the first six days he will make his second attempt on Scotland’s oldest athletics record, the 567 miles covered in that period by George Cameron in 1882 at an event in New York. Sichel first attempted the record last summer in a race in Hamm, Germany, which he won easily while covering 532.6 miles.

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