Wickham Park Stage 1 Results 2011

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Date: Sun, 29 May 2011 21:00:30 -0700
From: Matt Mahoney
Subject: Wickham Park stage 1 results

Results for the first 50 mile stage of the Wickham Park marathon and 50, 100, and 200 mile fun runs are posted to http://mattmahoney.net/wickham/11wpmar.txt

There were 78 starters. Of those, 13 (17%) finished the first 50 mile stage and are eligible to continue in stage 2, which starts tomorrow at 7:30 AM at Wickham Park. The winner of the fake rock will be determined by the total time for all 4 stages. If Joe Ninke wins, it will be his third.
The standings are as follows:

1 Joe Ninke, 41M, Sebastian 8:56:46
2 Hernan Garcia, 41M, Cocoa 10:03:52
3 Krystle Martinez, F, West Palm Beach 10:17:20 (women’s course record)
4 Matt Mahoney, 55M, Melbourne 10:45:25
5 Justin Radley, 31M, Ft Myers 11:21:11
6 Chris Reesh, 42M, Palm Bay 11:23
7 Richard Burrell, M, Vero Beach 11:27
8 Jeff Gleacher, 46M, Merritt Island 11:44:02
9 John Pyle, M, Sarasota 11:50:39
10 Tim Purol, 53M, Jupiter 11:52:56
11 Cheryl Lager, 45F, Newport News VA 11:54:30
12 Joe Herrera, 43M, Orlando 12:23
12 Sanjeet 12:23

The male and female winners of the 100 mile fun run (total of first 2 stages) each will win a fake pebble.

An additional 44 runners finished the marathon, for a finish rate of 73%. The fastest time was 4:10 by Matt Carter of Satellite Beach. The first woman was Suzanne Krasny in 5:03:23. The median finish time was 6:07. There is a cutoff of 12:30 for both the marathon and each of the 50 mile stages.

Temperatures were 79 F to 86 F with sunny skies and dewpoints of 68-70.

Some photos are posted to www.yourphotosnow.com

Matt Mahoney
Race Director
Wickham Park Marathon website

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