Vol State 2010

The Last Annual Vol State Run is a non-stop race from Dorena Landing, MO to Castle Rock, GA. This is a distance of 314 miles. The race started at 7:29am CDT on Thursday, July 15th, 2010, and has a 10 day time limit.

Race is organised by Gary Cantrell, RD of the Barkley Marathon

Juli Aistars 260
Joe Ninke 252
Fred Davis 249
Don Winkley 235
Abi Meadows 195
Marvin Skagerberg 145
John Price 124 (Running a double)

Mike Samuelson
Byron Backer
Lynnor Matheny
Diane Taylor
Bruce Tanksley
Stu Gleman
Dan Baglione
Steve Durbin has not been seen since 10 miles

Follow the runners: Tiny.cc/6vwjj
Carl Laniak: Vol State day 1 pictures http://picasaweb.google.com/carl.laniak/VolState2010#

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