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Ultrarunning News: The Moose Ultra Newsletter.
moose150_09Here is a quick update from the Moose Team on some of the news of the last few weeks.

Last Chance to Save $200
This is the last week for competitors to save $200 by entering the 2009 event early. The discount is applied to the deposit for both the Solo and Team categories until this Friday, May 1st, 2009. Even more reason for you to get your entry in and make sure you have a place in this years’ Canadian Running Adventure!

ECG Requirements Changed
Up until now competitors have always needed an ECG prior to taking part in The Moose Ultra and our previous events. As of today we have decided to remove this requirement for the The Moose Ultra 2009.
The reason for this change is because all Moose competitors need to have previous ultra experience to take part, and this means they have a proven level of fitness and knowledge of the undertaking they have signed up for. Competitors will still need to submit a completed medical form on Registration Day, and be interviewed by the race doctor prior to starting the event.

Non Hotel and Transport Package
We have  had a request from a number of competitors for a  non-Toronto hotel and transport option as they either live on the  course or within driving distance. We have been reluctant to offer this  as the Friday night hotel is a great chance for competitors to get to  know each other and it also means everyone arrives at registration  together on the Saturday. Competitors also need to understand there is  little to no public transport in the race area, so competitors will  need to have someone drop them off at the start and pick them up at the  finish, as organizers cannot help with car parking and collection in  Tobermory.
This said, for 2009 we are willing to trial this as a race  package, providing a discount of CAN$150 for those wishing not to use  the Toronto hotel or transport to and from the event. If you are  interested in this package then please contact us directly on how to  apply.

Armed Forces Challenge
We know how competitive all you service men and women are, and some of you have been asking whether there has been interest from other regiments. So we have decided to create an Armed Forces category if we can get enough runners to represent their regiments and countries. If you are interested then please let us know so we can start putting things in place.

About the Event
The Moose Ultra  is the world’s longest six day footrace, and will be held in Ontario, Canada from 15th to 21st August 2009.
The 300km, six stage race is open to individuals and two-person relay teams.  With terrain and conditions to rival all other ultras combined, it is not a race for the faint hearted.
Unlike other events we are keeping numbers low, this means we can provide better support and increase the family atmosphere of the event. You will not just be a number.
So you think a race in Canada is expensive? With both the entry fee and flight* combined it is still less than other multi-day races in Europe. Plus we provide meals, more hotels and transfers, thus making planning easier.
Not sure about the family? Bring them with you. We can assist in arranging trips and events to keep them entertained while you run.  They can visit you on the course and come with you to the gala dinner  to celebrate your achievement. Or better yet, bring them along as crew, where they can share the journey with you.

Further Information
Any more questions? Take a look at the website or reply to this email. Then get your entry in before you miss your chance at the Canadian Running Adventure!
We look forward to hearing from you.

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