Three Days At The Fair 48/24/12/6 Hour Races 2010 – Results

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Date:    Sun, 16 May 2010 22:22:12 -0400
From:    Rick
Subject: Re: NJ 48 Hour

I posted the link to both the results link and lap sheet on the site.
(lap sheets)

Just quickly a few words. I’ll try to do a better, longer write up in the next couple days. Still trying to decompress after the event.

3 days at the fair NJ 48/24 hour racesThe venue seemed to work perfectly for a looped timed event. The certified loop is .8578 miles on pavement with minimal elevation change (26 feet per loop). The start line is just after the aid station and just before the bathrooms and showers. I heard one runner referred to the bathrooms as spacious and as nice as a hotels. The runners and families could set up tents, RVs, their cars and own things just with in a few feet of the start finish line and aid station.

The 48 hour race was very exciting over the first day. Both the men and the women had different runners go out strong and definitely on the men’s side a few of them paid for it later. In the second day the leaders started to show themselves and the leader board did not change much over the last 16 hours. Everyone ran a great race and Liz Bauer ran 205 miles for the top female performance. Based on the USATF records it is a new pending masters female record for a road performance.

The 24 hour race was exciting as well. On the men’s side there were 4-5 guys that went out at 6 mph pace and were able to hold it for the first 6 – 7 hours. After that they started to separate themselves a little and due to medical or physical problems the top runners order would shake up now and then. Those that were able to run through the night added the necessary mileage to stay atop the leader board and the lead was never relinquished.

For this first year the 12 and 6 hour races were not very well attended but that does not take away from their great performances as well. The co RD and I have decided to change the start time for at least the 6 hour race next year to a more normal race time (it started at 3:00am this year) of possibly 6:00 pm Saturday night.

Over all it seemed runners and families really enjoyed this new event. The venue really allowed friends and family a chance to set up a tent or RV and make themselves a part of the event. Many runners did laps with their children, spouses, parents and friends.

I still need to do a post race wrap up with the co RD and venue but we will be back next year probably the same weekend or the week after.

Rick McNulty
NJ Trail Series

Steve Tursi’s race report: Race Report: 3 Days at the Fair 48-hour
Emmy Stocker
Frank Colella

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