The CAPE Relay 2010

New overnight relay race to hit New England May 1, 2

cape_relay_1‘The Cape Relay’ to take teams through Massachusetts’ most notable locations; relay includes varying
levels of difficulty so all can take part
BOSTON – After organizing some of the West’s most successful triathlons, Brogg Sterrett, founder and race director of 13Relay, will host The Cape Relay, the East Coast’s newest overnight relay, in Boston.
Totaling approximately 175 miles, the running relay is scheduled to take place Saturday and Sunday, May
1 and 2, and will run through some of Massachusetts’ most notable locations. Beginning in Squantum
Point Park just outside of Boston and traveling through Quincy, Mass., the birthplace of former Presidents
John Adams and John Quincy Adams as well as John Hancock, Cape Relay will finish in Provincetown at
the very tip of Cape Cod in Barnstable County, Mass.
“We established The Cape Relay to provide an exciting race that will take teams through some of the East
Coast’s most beautiful and notable scenery,” Sterrett said. “The Cape Relay is meant to be more than just a race; it was created to be an experience.”
The Cape Relay’s route also includes such famous locations as Plymouth, Mass., known as the landing
site of the Mayflower and the Pilgrims, and Truro, Mass., the location of the Cape Cod Highland
Lighthouse – the first building erected in the town in 1797.
Each relay team consists of a maximum of 12 teammates. Each teammate will run three inconsecutive
legs varying in length and difficulty. Legs range from 2.9 miles to 8.1 miles.
“It was important to us to provide varying levels of difficulty so everyone from the elite runner to the
weekend warrior can take part in the fun,” Sterrett said.
Each team is allowed two support vehicles. One vehicle will drop off the first runner, cheer him/her on
and provide the runner with food and/or water if needed. That same vehicle will drive ahead to the
“exchange,” pick up the first runner and drop off the second runner. This pattern will repeat for six legs
until they hand off the baton to the second support vehicle teammates. This leapfrogging will continue
until the team makes it to the finish line party complete with food, beer garden, live bands and the
13Relay expo. What more do you need to come to beautiful Cape Cod this time of year?
13Relay, named for the United States’ original 13 colonies, is an off-shoot of BBSC Endurance Sports, a
multi-sport race management team dedicated to organizing, promoting and growing triathlons in Nevada
and Utah.
For more information, to participate in The Cape Relay or to become a sponsor of The Cape Relay, visit or email [email protected]. The home of multiday running news and events.

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