Notes From McNaughton 200/150/100 Miles 2010 – Sherpa John Lacroix

McNaughton 200/150/100 mile races 2010

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Date:    Sun, 9 May 2010 19:53:51 -0400
From:    Sherpa John Lacroix
Subject: Thoughts from PIttsfield, VT (McNaughton in VT)

This past weekend I had the privilege of heading back to Pittsfield Vermont to run in the McNaughton in Vermont races. This was the second event of the year in the racing series.

HUGE props to anyone who started the races this past weekend in Pittsfield. Andy Weinberg is a cursed man… as was evident while the rain fell in sheets all weekend long.


30 Milers… I have no idea how many started or finish

100 Milers: 33 Starters, 3 Official Finishers (5 finishers overall) under the 32 hour cutoff.
Winner: Courtenay Guertin 23 hours and change.
2nd: 29 hours and change
3rd: 31 hours and change
4th: Laura Bleakley back from her achilles rupture captures 1st place female in 34 and change. Though over the time limit, Andy Weinberg is a true runners race director and congratulated her with all the awards and accolades.
5th: Jess Mullen was still out there wrapping up her final lap when I left….

There was quite a bunch of 100 milers who started their event on Friday Night as opposed to Saturday morning.

150 Milers: 5 started and 2 finished

200 Milers: 15 started and only 2 finished.
Ryan Dexter in 61 hours and change and Mike Siltman in 70:12

Rain started to fall during the overnight hours Friday night into Saturday morning. Forecasts called for a half inch of rain… we got over 2″ of it all told.
The mud and standing water was unbelievable, making the course unrunable by about 2pm Saturday. The sun came out for two hours Saturday afternoon which was followed by a horrendous thunderstorm with hail. Downpours continued until about 6pm when a light rain fell until turning to snow with 40mph winds around 2am Sunday. When I left Pittsfield today at 3pm, it was still snowing in town. At one point.. there was a dusting on the surfaces. Runner reports said that the top of the hills were frozen last night allowing the runners to run OVER the water (ice) for a change instead of through it.

I had an amazing time myself… glad to have spent the time with my “family” out there. Enjoyed helping runners after I dropped. Really enjoyed just hanging out.

Sherpa John

Race report:

Photos: Steve Cabler

Travis Liles posted video on Youtube

Race website: The home of multiday running news and events.

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