The Annapurna Mandala Trail 2008 (AMT2008)

The Annapurna Mandala Trail 2008 (AMT2008) by Roger Henke

The Annapurna Mandala Trail is hardly known outside France; so much for ‘globalization’. As in many other sectors, the disconnect between the Anglo-Saxons and the Gallics is near total. France has a large and vibrant mountain alaand ultrarunning community. Within that community the AMT is well-known, receiving coverage in specialized magazines (e.g. Endurance ) and even on television (TV5).
But when Marjan and I meet the other participants we turn out to be the only two non-French amongst a total
of 48 runners and walkers. Apart from the eight Nepali invitees among those participants that is. Of the 48, 43 are going to run the AMT, which means that they carry all they need on their own back. The walkers can hand over 10 kg to a porter of the supporting trekking agency Base Camp Trek (BCT). As it turns out, we are all walkers on the up-hills, although there is walking and walking, and walking as fast uphill as you can is a pretty exhausting discipline; and some of the walkers do not eschew the occasional downhill run.

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