The 7 Tribes Endurance Race 2010

7tribeslogoYou may be interested to hear about an interesting new event that is being organized to raise money to support water projects for the Bedouin in Sinai, Egypt.
It’s a 4 day desert endurance race covering 110km on desert tracks and sand.The race follows the ancient route of the Exodus wanderings, passing the oasis of Ein Khudra and ending at the Nawamis ancient burial tombs, also dated to the time of the Exodus. It will take place for the 1st time in November 2010 and happens in the Sinai desert.
As an added bonus competitors will have an after race party with a difference: the 7 Tribes Festival where Bedouin from 7 local tribes come together for music, feasting and camel racing! There are limited numbers this year of 45 so it could pay to get your entry in sooner rather than later. It promises to be a unique and very exciting event.

You can find out more at The home of multiday running news and events.

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