Thar Desert Run 2009 – Rajasthan

thar_globeracersA new race that will take place in Jaisalmer to Jodhpur,India in December 2009. Details below:

Race Name: Thar Desert Run 2009 – Rajasthan

City: Jaisalmer

State: Rajasthan.

Country: India

Race Distance: 210 Kilometers

Route: Jaisalmer to Jodhpur
Jaisalmer to Jodhpur,
Race Date: 12-24-2009 to 12-30-2009

Race Time: 5 days, all day

Contact name: Kavitha Kanaparthi

Email: [email protected]

Address: 112 Private Drive, Caro, MI 48723

Phone: +1 989-796-4231

+ 91 9845400158


Event Category: Endurance, Desert

Entry Fee: $ 2000 for runners

$1200 for non-runners

Registration before September 15, 2009

Registration Fee: $1000 at time of registration

Balance Due: November 15, 2009

Plan to travel to Delhi on or before December 24, 2009. We can assist you to plan for travel to Jaisalmer, where the race starts and leave Jodhpur on 30 December, 2009, when the race concludes. Booking tickets
in India will work out cheaper and we can communicate the cost to you plan for your travel. If you wish to book it personally, you are at liberty to do the same. Please ensure correct itinararies are in place and communicate your travel plans as part of your registration.

You can visit India post the race, if you would like and we can assist you with the planning as well. Currently other participants have shown interest in visiting the Agra (Taj Mahal), Delhi and Jaipur.

Course Description:

The Royal Rajasthan beckons! The great desert of Rajasthan, The Thar, with its exotic sand dunes, sandy plains, arid plains and colorful life opens its splendor for exploration by foot, and in the only way you hope to experience its beauty. The Thar is the largest Desert of India and is known for its multi-colored hues offering great terrain for endurance racing.

Everything about the endurance sport is X-treme: the weather, terrain, distances and locations, while your mind sustains a whirlwind effect, and your body cries out for mercy from the rigor of the sport. It’s not just the sport that is X-treme but also the passion that goes along with it. Least to say, it is known to be

The race is meant to test your skills, spirit and, strength with a minimum marathon distance each day for 5 days, in a total professional endurance race setup, yet resting in the lap of luxury at the end of a tough race day, making the achievement all the more sweet and, bringing you closer to the culture and beauty of surroundings.

Slated for the end of December 2009, it coincides with holiday season allowing you to explore more of India
and enjoy cooler climate of the Desert. Bring your partner/spouse as accompanying non-participants and they can travel, stay with you and visit the places where you stay.

Additional Info:
The Thar:
Temperatures in the Desert vary anywhere between 40 F to 115 F, with sandy dunes, dry arid lands, and Sun beating down with no mercy. There is a time constraint, within which participants have to reach the last
check point. Check points are provided at intervals of 10km. Each day participants cover 42 Km (26 miles) to get to the finish line, from where they are transported to the Palace Hotel/Safari Stay.

The race will be an assisted one, with participants having to carry their water and basic nutrition. Their personal belongings along with non-participant luggage will be transported to the next stop.

Will look forward to your feedback.

Best regards,

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