Fans 24 Hour Race 2009

fans_11Posted on the Ultralist:

Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2009 21:23:13 -0500
From: Bob Metzger
Subject: New FANS 24 Hour Course Record

*Very cold, very wet weather severely challenged the field, but could not stop Michael Henze from shattering Danny Ripka’s course record of 136 miles, which had stood since 1999. Henze completed more than 147 miles. Kim Martin led the women, and although I don’t recall her final unofficial numbers, I believe she had around 120 miles. John Storkamp and Debra Horn were the 12 Hour vistors, with around 80 and 70 miles, respectively.

Complete (and accurate) results will be posted at as soon as we have them ready.

To provide some entertainment for all in the meanwhile, I have uploaded about two dozen photos that I took around the finish area during the final hour this morning. Follow the link in the “POST-RACE UPDATE”
posted at the above link to see some of the players who were still standing at the end (listers, feel free to identify yourselves), and to appreciate just how much cold and wet racers had to cope with in the Twin Cities this weekend! Take a peek at those photos, and then check back for the results once I have them posted. You will be impressed. 🙂

Bob Metzger
Lakeville, MN

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