Taking Care Of Blisters

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Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2007 07:34:03 -0800
From: Tom Buckley
Subject: Consequences of blisters

I just received a newsletter from our local running club and the need to take care of blisters really hit home for me. I’ve included part of the newsletter.

“Some of you will know Simon Timmer as a long time runner from the Ladysmith area, and a past member of the Ceevacs Running Club. For those that didnÂ’t hear SimonÂ’s wife Gail ( a very active & athletic woman) had a blister way back in May, which she tried to treat herself. Things went from bad to worse blood poisoning, kidneys shut down, coma, & then gangrene. She has now had one leg amputated above the ankle & half of the other foot. Its absolutely horrifying.

She is home now & she needs to get fitted for prosthetics & probably tons of physio. She desperately wants to be able to bike again & ride her horse & most of all WALK. An athletic type prosthetic is several thousand dollars & for this type of prosthetic there is limited medical coverage for it. As well, their house is completely NOT accessible & will need some major renos.”

I have read John’s book and receive his newsletter but this really has had an impact on me. Something that seems simple can rapidly get out of hand.


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