Silverton 24, 48, 72 Hour, 6 day and 1000 Mile Races

ATY Runners,

If you haven’t already heard through the grapevine, we are pleased to announce that the race Across The Years will be returning this year from December 29th to January 1st. There will again be 72 hour, 48 hour and 24 hour events on the 500 meter track at Nardini Manor in Buckeye, Arizona. Information about this year’s event has been updated to the Across The Year’s Website. Entry into this year’s run will be by lottery. If you have not already entered, please be aware that the entry period closes on April 30th and the lottery results will be announced/posted on May 1st! You do not need to pay ahead of time in order to enter the lottery, but instead will be asked to submit your entry fee if chosen by May 31st. You may submit your top 3 choices for which events you would like to participate in.

The run will again be hosted at the beautiful Nardini Manor and is now presented by Aravaipa Running (operated by Jamil Coury and the rest of the Coury family). The rest of the race committee including Paul and Rodger will still be a part of the race, but organization of the race will now be handled mainly by Jamil and Nick Coury.

In addition to the return of ATY, we are excited to announce the several new track and multi-day races coming to Arizona and Colorado that will be jointly organized by Aravaipa Running and Rodger Wrublik:

Silverton Special Events and Rodger Wrublik will be organizing the inaugural Silverton 24, 48, 72 hour, and 6 day runs to be held on a 1 mile loop in picturesque Silverton, Colorado. Imagine Across The Years in the mountains! The race is staged at Kendall Mountain Ski area (elevation 9,300 ft) and features a 1 mile loop with over 250 feet of elevation gain per loop. The 24 hour through 6 day runners will be treated to ATY style hospitality including a large heated tent, stocked aid station, timed results on screen, and optional goody bag. The 6 day kicks off on August 31st. Registration is now open: Silverton 24, 48, 72 hour & 6 day Races

The Silverton 1000 Mile Challenge will be held in conjunction with the 6 day race and will have the added stipulation that you must complete at least 1 mile in each consecutive hour of the race. If you fail to complete a loop in any hour, you will be disqualified. Runners will encounter sleep deprivation, weather, and accumulated mileage fatigue around the clock in the ultimate test of endurance. Registration is now open: Silverton 1000 Mile Challenge

If you can’t get enough of Nardini Manor, we will now be offering a few new events this year! The first will be a free training run at the Hotfoot Hamster 12 Hour Night Run on May 21st-May 22nd. Hotfoot Hamster Details. The other two events are tentative at this point in time, but more information will be posted soon. There will likely be another 12 hour night run on Labor Day weekend and a 50 & 100 Mile run in late November.

If you know of anyone else interested in this year’s Across The Years run, please forward this email!

We look forward to seeing you all this year!

Jamil & Nick Coury
[email protected]
Race Directors
Across The Years

Rodger Wrublik
[email protected]
Race Director
Silverton Special Events The home of multiday running news and events.

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