Self-Transcendence 10 and 6 Day Races 2013 Update 162 hours

10 and 6 day race scoreboard ater 162 hours
Self-Transcendence 10 and 6 Day Races 2013 Update 162 hours. Photo by Alan Young

Weather conditions seem to have stabilised for the rest of the race according to the weather forecast with perhaps just a chance of a shower tonight to dampen spirits. Reading Utpal Marshalls blog, Perfection-Journey, I am always surprised by how upbeat people are even when they are clearly not performing at their best. In todays post, My Main Goal Utpal talks to Ken Ward, a 55 year old ultrarunner from Oregon, Sylvie Boisvert from Quebec, Canada and the Executive Director of the World Harmony Run, Australian Salil Wilson.

Martin Fryer has been averaging 77 miles a day for the first 6 days and sees him about 40 miles clear of Ananda-Lahari himself averaging over 69 miles a day excellent training for the 3100, should he be preparing for that race. Kaneenika Janakova also has a cushion over second placed Ilvaka Nemcova.

In the 6 day race Phil McCarthy leads second place Rasmivan Collinson who has steadily climbed up the board with a consistent performance so far. Alex Swenson is in third place and we will wait for the daily standings to be posted to see how things are developing.


Self-Transcendence 10 Day results available on the Sri Chinmoy Races website:

Sri Chinmoy 10 and 6 Day Race 2013 Photo Gallery

Utpal Marshall’s Perfection-Journey Daily stories and photos include these posts: The home of multiday running news and events.

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