Run To The Future 2009

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Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 10:47:58 -0700
From: Sue Norwood
Subject: Run to the Future 24-Hour Race

I’ll let Nick Coury keep you updated re: the runners’ progress when he gets here . . . I’ll be crewing for Jim, taking pictures, and working the aid station off and on as needed and not really keeping up with anyone’s
progress except Jim’s. There is chip timing. Not sure if results will be on the ‘net during the race, though. The ARR is doing a good job with this race, which is filling in the gap while Across the Years (ATY) is on hiatus.

Forty-two runners began the race at 9AM Mountain Time. It’s sunny, breezy, and warming up but it shouldn’t get more than the low 60s this afternoon. At 10:30AM the temperature at our camper is a pleasant 54 degrees and most of the runners are in shorts and short sleeves. Predicted night-time temps are mid-40s.

There is plenty of room around the 1K paved and gravel loop for runners to park right next to the course and set up their own tables. There’s also plenty of room for RVs out in the huge parking lot. The manager of the
complex is very accommodating. Although there were lots of folks here yesterday for a baseball tournament, the runners have the whole place to themselves today and tomorrow.

I’ll eventually post photos and a report on our website (after signature) but I’m not always real good about keeping up to date with it.

Here are a couple links to the race site:

Wishing I was able to be out there, too (not enuf knee cartilage any more),

Sue Norwood (and Jim O’Neil)
home is where our camper is — currently, Victory Lane sports complex in
Glendale, AZ The home of multiday running news and events.

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