Self-Transcendence 24/12 Hour Race Bale 2010 – Live Streaming

The Self-Transcendence 24 hour race in Bale Switzerland is streaming live on the web.
One of the most popular 24 hour races in Europe this is the 22nd edition of the race which has a flat course and excellent support and aid.
The race still has a large field of 80 runners despite the proximity of the Brive World 24 Hour championships taking place in 4 days.
Race results at the 10 hour point showed Robert Wimmer with 111km and leading lady was Nicole Watercress on 93 km.

Latest update shows Oliver Leu leading with 207 km and leading lady is Christian Heike on 180 km.

Photos of the scoreboard can be found at the link below.

Race website is at Sri Chinmoy Races

Intermediate results are posted on the German ultrarunning site, D.U.V. The home of multiday running news and events.

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