Phil Essam’s Letter to Colac Newspapers

Below is a copy of an email letter that I have sent to the Colac newspapers. The main thrust is to try and get more people involved in the running of the race from 2007 and help ensure the future of the race.

To the Editor,

It was about nine years ago when I was researching material for my book “The World’s Greatest Race” (Story of the Westfield race) that I began to appreciate the tradition and importance that the Colac Six-day race is held and respected by the Australian Ultrarunning community and the Ultrarunning community around the world. I do not wish to give a history lesson here, but Memorial Square is where one of the Otway’s Greatest in Cliff Young found his feet as an Ultrarunning champion, it has seen some of the Greatest athletic achievements in history over the last twenty years and it is one of the best venues in the sport. I was gobsmacked the first time I saw Memorial Square in 2000 and appreciated what a great venue it is. All other ultra track races in Australia are held on a 400 metre track in an athletic stadium!

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