No Finish Line 2009 Results & Videos

nfl_1Tony Mangan sent a great article about Tom Maguires awesome performance in the 24 hour distance in Monaco’s famous multiday ultramarathon event.

He writes: “Ireland’s Thomas Maguire set an incredible new Irish record of 248.392km (154.344 miles) to win the IAU-labelled Monaco 24-Hour race on 22nd November. Maguire’s performance is an elite Grade A standard and propels him into the top 5 in the world rankings this year.

The distance, which is the equivalent of running almost six full marathons in a single day, was also a new event record for the Monaco race.”
Read the whole article on Ultrarunning Ireland

Norwegian Trond Sjavik averaged over 71 miles a day for the 8 days. Second place overall was Frenchwoman Christine David who broke the 900 km barrier and third place was Gerard Bertin also from France with 854 km.

Scotalnd’s Alan Young who so often plays a supporting role turned in a creditable performance with 407 km.

My Swedish friend Kryddan has sent the end-of-the-fork videos at the links below taken throughout the event and its clear that the course gets very busy sometimes.

8 Day Race

1 922460 m Trond Sjavik
2 901714 m Christine David
3 854410 m Gerard Bertin
4 827160 m Nikolaos Thanos
5 779314 m Alexandre Forestieri
6 770510 m Peter Kluka
7 752570 m Gerard Habasque
8 741342 m Alain Forcella
9 738434 m Vincent Perreau
10 737522 m Jos Van den Hende

24 Hour Race

1 248392 m  Thomas Maguire
2 243570 m  Emmanuel Fontaine
3 225118 m  Christian Leroux
4 213850 m  Christophe Laborie
5 210210 m  Ludger Robert Boewer
6 205756 m  Magali Reymonenq
7 192072 m  Eusebio Bochons
8 178422 m  Emilia Rais
9 177770 m Willy Rigaux
10 171990 m Diego Di Toma

Kryddans Youtube Channel The home of multiday running news and events.

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