New Multiday and Ultramarathon Calendar

We are very happy to announce a new feature on the – The Multiday and Ultramarathon Calendar. This comes as a sortable table that contains all the previously separate categories into one easy to see list. This will enable site editors to update the table quicker.

Currently we are at the beta stage of testing…

The calendar does not contain races whose dates have not been published yet. (Its hard to distinguish those entries from entries that I have yet to include or those that I am unaware of…)

The list is not a comprehensive list of every ultra. Every day I start exploring I discover new races and have new ideas. Today for example I decided to start including the UTMB qualifying points awarded by various races and that will be a more complete list as time goes by.

Its interesting to discover how many ultras are currently taking place in the world and I have to thank various resources that I have used in compiling this list.

In particular Keith Godden’s is a great place for new races and as I speak he has just added a new race – the Mogollon Monster 100 “More Bigfoot folklore? ¬†You bet it is but certainly makes you think a little at 3am in the dark, deep forest not quite sure if that was a herd of elk or…something else…”

The D.U.V. is also a great resource and with Google translation tools it opens up hitherto inaccessible realms. Thank God for the internets.

Anyway, you can see the new feature at: The Multiday and Ultramarathon Calendar 2012

Best wishes,

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  1. Love it! Was recently thinking about putting together a sort-able list just like this. Thanks for saving me the time and energy!

    Couple of thoughts…

    It might be good to include some type of legend before or after the list. I was able to extrapolate that MBQ = Mont Blanc Qualifyer, U = ultra, M = multi-day and R = Relay (not sure what “S” is though). May not be apparent to other visitors.

    Also, not sure your Table Filter Generator would allow it, but it would be awesome to be able to sort by column (date and distance being the most helpful).

    Finally, if I know of some additions or edits to the list, what’s the best way to inform you?

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