New England Ultras Results – 2009

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Date:    Sun, 2 Nov 2008 23:26:13 -0500
From:    Sherpa John Lacroix
Subject: New England Ultras Results

Lets try this again… in full.
200 Miles
4 Starters
1. John Bridges          69:59

100 Miles
9 Starters
1. Courtenay Guertin           26:58
2. Al Laporte                       30:57
3. Randy Dietz                    31:57
4. Ri Fahnestock                 34:19

50 Milers
8 Starters
1. Ben Nephew                    8:56
2. John Fegyveresi              11:55
3. Austin Stonebraker          13:26
4. Charlotte Vasarhelyi         14:12
5. Sharon Zelinski                14:25
5. John Turner                      14:25
7. Jennifer-Anne Mineri         15:50

John Bridges finishes in first place for the 200 Miler, becoming the first winner of the longest single stage race in the Western Hemisphere!
Carl Asker is STILL on the course, though now unofficially. At 72 hours he had logged 150 miles. He’ll finish some time on Monday, still pushing forward
Ri Fahnestock won $10,000 upon completion of the 100 miler due to his being the only person to finish all 6 races this year.
Ben Nephew ran a stallar 8:56 fifty mile time after pacing John Bridges 20 miles just hours before the run. His total was 70 miles on the day. Thanks Ben!

And thanks to everyone who showed up to run on the frigid and frosty course.
Can’t wait to see you all next year!
Sherpa John
RD – November 2008!
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