Lean Horse 100 Mile Ultra – Results 2009

leanhorseLean Horse Ultra-Marathon takes place in Hot Springs, South Dakota and includes a 50 mile and a 50 km race as well as the 100 mile event. The course is a mixture of paved surfaces and parts of Mickelson Trail.

This years race took place over the weekend 22-23 Agust 2009.

1. Akos Konya 16:46:20
2. Michael Adams 17:25:59
3. Randy Myers 18:36:17

1. Karen Douglas 21:10:17
2. Lorie Alexander 21:49:08
3. Jenny Chow 21:51:56

This years full results:

Hundred Overall

Half Hundred Overall

50K Overall

Previous years race reports and stories can be found at www.yourrun.com

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