K6 6 Day Race 2023

Start of the K6 6 Day race 2023
Start of the K6 6 Day race 2023 Photo by Filip Smetana

Leading runners in the K6 6 Day race 2023 in Konstantinovy Lázn? in the Czech Republic. The scoreboard currently shows Ádám Pék leading the 6 day with 331,064 at approximately the 64 hour point while Kate?ina Kellnerová leads the women with 202,634.

The 48 hour was won by Miroslav Štefl (CZE) with 291,108 km and womens winner was Tatjana Esemann (GER) with 151,262 km.
The ultramarathon Festival also features a 6 day relay, a 24 hour relay, 50/100k, 48/24/12 hour events.

Pos Name Ctry Km
Women 6 Day
1 Kate?ina Kellnerová CZE 202,634
2 Sara Kortyka GER 188,364
3 Krista Preckel GER 154,116
Men 6 Day
1 Ádám Pék HUN 331,064
2 David Kellnerová CZE 331,064
3 Jakub Kolman CZE 313,94

Live results can be found at: http://online.4timing.cz/

Race photos Filip Smetana

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