i2P Expreso de los Andes Expedition 2012

The mission of impossible2Possible(i2P) is to encourage youth to reach beyond their perceived limits and to that end, the next project that Ray Zahab and Kevin Vallely have is a 1700 km run  across the South American continent from Concon, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina and the Atlantic Ocean. The project starts February 18th 2012.

The event is called the i2P Expreso de los Andes Expedition and is a challenge with the purpose of educating, inspiring and empowering administrators, teachers and students to take on a Health & Physical Activity Challenge.

The two Canadian runners hope to run 70km/day towards the Andes mountain range and maintain that level at altitude. After they have crossed the Andes the goal is to run 100km/day for the remainder of the expedition. Two Youth Ambassadors will join them for the last 120 km.

Ray and Kevin have already completed several long runs. The Atacama Extreme Expedition, which began near the Peruvian border (north of Arica) and ended in the Province of Copiapo approximately 1,200km later on February 12th. The expedition took a total of 20 days to complete and Ray ran an average of 60km per day while carrying camping supplies and relying on minimal daily water/food re-supplies.

In 2010 Ray and Kevin ran the length of Lake Baikal in Siberia pulling all their gear behind them averaging 50 km a day. The 650 km run on the worlds deepest lake took place in the winter when the surface was frozen over.



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