Hinson Lake 24 Hour Results 2009

The Hinson Lake 24 hour race results are posted on the website and are available at the link below.

The Hinson Lake 24 hour race takes place in Rockingham, North Carolina. The course is a 1.52 mile loop around the lake on a clay trail. It passes over 16 small wooden foot bridges. Race Director is Tom Gabell and this year there were 214 runners which is one of, if not the biggest 24 hour race in the world this year.

1 Jonathan Savage 132.24 miles
2 Brad Smythe 120.08 miles
3 Vladimir Banas 117.04 miles

1 Liz Bauer 109.90 miles
2 Vikena Yutz 104.32 miles
3 Juli Aistars 102.45 miles

Course record setter Johnathan Savage has posted a report on his blog Fellrnr – Running, the Universe and everything

Joe Lugiano also has a report on Multidays.com

All the details at:Hinson Lake 24 Hour Results 2009

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