FANS 24/12 Hour Race 2010 Results

The anual FANS 24/12 hour walk took place 5th/6th June 2010.
Womens race was won by Kim Martin and the first man was Zach Gingerich with 122 miles.
The first three men and women are listed below. The full results are posted on the FANS website.

1. Kim Martin
2. Jamie Huneycutt
3. Susan Olsen
1. Zach Gingerich 122.56
2. Dorn Peddy 111.33
3. Paul Porter 105.86

Fans Preliminary 24 Hour Results

Posted on the Ultralist:

Date:    Wed, 9 Jun 2010 20:52:16 -0600
From:   Joe Judd
Subject: A Short FANS Report

I ran the FANS 24 Hour race over the weekend. Once again, I had a great time and appreciated all the wonderful things the volunteers do at this race.
These folks have been putting on this race for 21 years. They know how to do it right. The aid stations were well stocked, with a pretty good variety that changed throughout the day. Pizza is still my favorite thing that they provided. The other was the massage therapists. Wow, every race should have this service! Although, it is pretty easy to lie on the table for way too long.

This race was a training run for me. My goal was to get a lot of hours on my feet and come away healthy. Being 5 weeks before Badwater, I was reluctant to really go for broke. But, since a DNF due to injury at mile 60 during Rocky Raccoon, I hadn’t run more than 20 miles. I needed the confidence boost of a long race.

My plan was to try to go out at 12:00/mile pace and hold it as long as I could. I paced right on for the first 45 miles, or so. The weather was cool (damn, no heat training!). After a couple of hours, it started to drizzle.
Never a hard rain, but we were pretty damp for about 5-6 hours. Just before 50 miles, I started to slow a bit and just generally dink around with dry clothes, shoes and eating. It’s very tempting to drop in every 2.4 mile loop for a little snack. But no matter, I was still feeling good. I was periodically walking a few minutes of each lap, per plan. I started to drag around 1:00-2:00 am. I was walking at a brisk pace, I was running at a
reasonable pace. But together, it still wasn’t enough to keep me from slowing down to 15:00/mile.
As the night wore on, I stopped into the massage tent a couple of times. I wanted to be sure that my consistent injury (dubbed The Pain In The Ass) was kept at bay at all costs. The women there were wonderful. I wound up spending about 45 minutes there between 4:00-5:00. I just wanted to stay loose and keep warm. I left and went out for the final three hours. My final tally for the day was 90 miles.

The best part was how good I felt afterward. My recovery has definitely been the best I’ve ever experienced for any run over 50 miles. By Tuesday, I felt NO soreness or swelling in my legs or feet. Amazing! This tells me two things. 1) I definitely had much more effort in me. I feel I could have easily broken 100, maybe 105 miles. But, my eye is on the prize of a Badwater finish in five weeks. 2) Three years of experience has taught my body how to run more efficiently and deal with the stress that these distances dish out. For me, the race was a complete success.

Joe Judd
Salida, Co.

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