Emu 6 Day Race 2017 – Updates – 20 Hours

Johan van der Merwe

Johan van der MerweThe Emu 6 Day Race 2017 got underway yesterday at noon, local time, in sunny condtions with 86 starters. Early leaders after 20 hours show Johan van der Merwe on course to reach his goal and I quote him as posting on his fb page “The World 6-day multiday-running record, will be written behind my name as from 10 May 2017 at 12:00.” Nothing like an optimistic attitude. That goal is 1028 km and we wish Johan the best.
Sumie Inagaki leads the 20 women taking part in this race.

Men24 Hours
1Johan van der MerweRSA183.51
2Aidas ArdzijauskasLTU171.462
3Wolfgang SchwerkGER165.901
Women24 Hours
1Sumie InagakiJPN151.072
2Kristina PalténSWE132.535
3Emma JohnsNZL132.535

Live results of the Emu 6 day Race 2017

Emu 6 day race on Facebook

Video of checking in and start of the race.

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