Duzhiy and Mairer Take Top Spots At Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race

Day 52, the final start Photo by Utpal Marchall
Day 52, the final start Photo by Utpal Marchall

Duzhiy and Mairer Take Top Spots 
The Self-Transcendence 3100 mile race drew to a close last night at midnight local time in Queens, New York. After 52 days that featured high heat, humidity storms, rain and wind, six out of the ten starters reached the 3100 miles in the time frame, three finishing on the final day including women’s winner Surasa Mairer. Yolanda withdrew due to severe blister issues on day 22.

Women Ctry Time/miles
1 Surasa Mairer AUT 51 days+12:47:37
2 Kaneenika Janakova SVK 51 days+17:06:59
3 Yolanda Holder USA 1210.6528 miles
1 Vasu Duzhiy RUS 44 days+16:03:53
2 Kobi Oren ISR 46 days+03:24:48
3 Usika Muckenhummer AUT 50 days+07:34:46
4 Sopan Tsekov BUL 51 days+16:46:38
5 William Sichel SCO 2904.2496 miles
6 Smarana Puntigam AUT 2886.6880 miles
7 Ananda-Lahari Zuscin SVK 2874.0656 miles


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