Dust Devils Trail Runs – Results

Sorry for taking so long to post. Mark Dorion sent these results and an account of the proceedings.

Near Mesquite, NM Oct. 28-29, 2006

67.5 Mile (109 Km)/ 7,700′ climb at 4,300′-5,700′

1. Mark Dorion, 47, TX 16:08:40 CR

50 Mile:

–Bob Klapthor, 55, TX 15:34:17


–Mike Muerch, 56, Hawaii 7:10:31
–Ed Furtaw, 58, CO 7:21:10

28 Mile:

–Greg Helbig, 49, NM 6:30:29
–Richard Harris, 64, NM 7:02:10

–Gary Cross, 45, AZ, 18 Miles
–Amalia Dorion, 6, TX 2 Miles

Beautiful weather and rocky trails greeted the runners at this tough, remote run through the exotic cactus, old mines and red rock outcrops of the southernmost Rockies. For the first time in four years someone was able to make it past 50 miles. Bob Klapthor is to be congratulated as well as he became only the third runner ever to make it to 50 miles.

In a run that does not offer fancy belt buckles, big post-race parties, buffet table aid stations, cheering crowds, triple-digit entry fees etc. it is difficult to find the mental strength and self-transcendent abilities to perservere when things get tough. In such an event I truly respect and appreciate the athletes who DO come out and run.

“In the inner world we have many competitors, and it may take a long
time to defeat them. Our competitors are fear, doubt, anxiety, depression, worry
and similar forces.”

YET, paradoxically, I believe being able to keep going in such a tough event as the Dust Devils makes it that much easier to run to one’s maximum ability in a “full-service” race, national championship, etc.

“Consistency is the ultimate measure of mental toughness.”
–Dr. Joe I. Vigil, US Olympic Coach, 2007 US National Cross Country Coach, Author

I was depressed and breathing hard while running in last place at the 4 mile point of the Dust Devils Run. But after 30 years of running ultras, I reminded myself that a majority of ultrarunners go out too hard and don’t drink enough early. As one of the all-time US ultra greats, Park Barner, has reminded me more than once, “ultras are all about CONTROL.”

I was fortunate to shuffle a stretch of the Devils course just at sunset with my wife Helen and children Amalia and Toby. Besides bringing me a hot latte when I needed it, they pointed out a “friendly” rattlesnake that was lounging against my car tire in the trailhead parking lot!

In the last 4 hours in the dark on the course, where only jackrabbits, skunks (including one who got into our aid at the south end of the course!) and several slow-moving snakes spectated for Bob K and me, I was spurred on mentally by the sage advice and encouraging words of Coach Vigil, Sri Chinmoy, my coach/ wife Helen, my 71 year old amazing athlete Mother and many other friends and advisors (wish I could list all here!) I am so blessed to have.

Come join the fun at the 2007 Dust Devils Runs. You WILL have all my respect and encouragement.

–Mark Dorion

Checkout Mark’s website for other wild Trail races in the Mesquite,NM area.

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