Across The Years 2010 – Biondic & Yutz Triumph

Across The Years is the longest running multiday in the US and this edition was the 27th running of the event.The events take place at Nardini Manor, Buckeye, AZ starting 9:00 am 29th December and concluding 9:00 am New Years Day. The 72 hour is a unique event in the ultrarunning calendar with very few alternatives. This year there will be the inaugural 72 hour at the Antibes Ultra Festival in France and thats about it as far as I know.

The race is presented by Aravaipa Running who host a series of ultras through out the year including the Desert Solstice 24 hour run which took place December 18th.

The course at Nardini Manor is a 500 meter crushed gravel track that runs around the perimeter of the property.

This year unusual weather conditions prevailed with winds, heavy rain and low temperatures.

Croatian born George Biondic took first place in the 72 hour with Vikenya Yutz the first woman.

Top 10 placings:

72 Hour
Place Name Miles KM

1 George Biondic 248.548 400.0
2 Ed Ettinghausen 238.607 384.0
3 Andreas Falk 238.607 384.0
4 Jeff Hagen 222.762 358.5
5 John Geesler 217.791 350.5
6 Vikena Yutz 216.237 348.0
7 Ulrich Kamm 202.878 326.5
8 Eric Pence 200.703 323.0
9 Joan Hellman 200.082 322.0
10 Craig Slagel 181.440 292.0

48 Hour
Place Name Miles KM

1 David Crockett 187.033 301.0
2 Debra Horn 182.994 294.5
3 Randy Ellis 163.421 263.0
4 Jamie Huneycutt 155.343 250.0
5 Alene Nitzky 151.304 243.5
6 Ben Blessing 150.683 242.5
7 Joe Judd 145.712 234.5
8 David Elsbernd 139.498 224.5
9 Liz Bauer 138.876 223.5
10 Gasper Pulizzi 127.381 205.0

24 Hour
Place Name Miles KM

1 Jamie Donaldson 123.653 199.0
2 Melissa Williams 112.468 181.0
3 Matthew Watts 111.847 180.0
4 Tracy Thomas 110.293 177.5
5 Keith Blom 107.187 172.5
6 Sharon Gayter 103.458 166.5
7 Norbert Leinfellner 100.973 162.5
8 Karen Bonnett 100.662 162.0
9 Alan Barnes 100.351 161.5
10 Robert Andrulis 100.041 161.0

Full results are available on the Across The Years website

Also posted on the Ultralist:

Date:    Mon, 3 Jan 2011 11:28:23 -0700
From:    Robert Andrulis
Subject: 100 miles (almost) in 24 hours at ATY

I have noticed something which I can not let go (and this has been sent to a multitude of individuals, so please be cautious about replying.)

Upon reviewing my splits yesterday, I noticed that I was credited with a lap at the beginning of the race that I did NOT complete…imagine starting a race with a 500 meter head start; it may not seem like much over the course of 100 miles – .31% – that’s POINT THREE ONE PERCENT (especially with the variance in distance in trail 100s) but this is a certified course and I did NOT complete the correct number of laps to get the buckle. This will not affect my overall standing in the race, however I can not in good conscience keep the 100 mile buckle (it is on it’s way back in the mail)

I had a nagging feeling early on that something was wrong since I was running and talking with Karen Bonnett early in the race and I think I remember that I was one lap ahead of her, but didn’t think to ask anyone at the timing tent. I just now checked both of our splits and verified our laps running together and there is no way that I passed her early on; my first lap started at ‘zero’ time-apparently I was standing too close to the timing mat before ‘GO’.

The burden is on my shoulders since I was going to run (or hobble, which I had been doing for the last several hours) another lap or two for insurance (with 13 minutes left it shouldn’t have been a problem) but was just so focused on getting to 322 that I had nothing left. If you ask anyone at the banquet before the awards ceremony they can tell you that I was sitting in line to get food because I was so depleted that I couldn’t stay standing without feeling like I was going to fall down or throw up (or both.) I guess it’s like being on an adrenaline rush in a trauma situation; you seem to be able to keep pushing your body to do anything as long as there is a need and you stay focused – but when the pressure is off, BAM, the body gives up and you crash…(and HUGE Thanks to Liz and Miles for getting my stuff packed while I napped after the awards…)

So for any of you fine folks who keep track of such things ( and come to mind…) my 24 hour PR is 99.689 miles. And I’m sure that once everything settles down and Lynn Newton,, are ready, the ATY website will be updated to reflect as well.

I was glad to see Martina get her 2000 mile jacket and Ulli get his 1000 mile jacket. Somehow, I have managed to climb to around 30th overall lifetime mileage, though, and  I had a wonderful time, as always, and would like to thank all of the fine folks who I was able to share a day (or two, or three) with.

Finally, I can not say enough ‘Thank You’s for the Coury and Bonnet families as well as all of the wonderful volunteers for all of the hard work they put in to help keep this fine event going.

Happy New Year, Happy Trails (or roads, or tracks, or…)
Robert Andrulis
Chandler,  AZ The home of multiday running news and events.

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