Dean Karnazes Bails on the Road

Today’s post on Dean Karnazes blog details his decision to fly back home to Calfornia:


Last month, in New York City, I made a fairly insane and irrational decision, to run across the country. Today, I made a very sane and rational decision, to go to the beach.

Well, who wouldnt? So after only 27 days and 1254 miles of the journey, Dean pulls the plug. It’s not really a surprise. As Dean says on his blog, there was no planning the route in advance and the roads he took are not very good for running on and the roads at this time of year require extra care – it wasn’t the best time of year to begin a project like this. Dean appears to be a spontaneous kind of guy and so he made the call. He got a lot of publicity over the last f3-4 months so he’s not gone home empty handed and he’s inspired a whole bunch of people to extend themselves into a new space. Can’t be bad.

Checkout Deans blog – Where’s Dean? The home of multiday running news and events.

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