Last Annual Vol-State Endurance Run 2011 – Final Results

the last annual vol state road raceAfter Joe Ninke dropped on the second day there was a pretty good chance that possibly the most experienced multiday runner on the course, Don Winkley, would hang on to the lead position in the Last Annual Vol-State Endurance Run until Castle Rock in Georgia.  Don finished the Sri Chinmoy 1000 mile race, ran 200 miles in 48 hours, finished Spartathlon, Comrades, every edition of the 1100 km Transe Gaule and has an abundance of willpower and determination.

At the age of 73 Don Winkley has been crowned King of The Road after finishing the 314 mile Vol-State race just seven hours ahead of Mike Matteson after battling high temperatures in this gruelling masterpiece created by Race Director Gary Cantrell.

Congratulations to all the participants and to the Race team.

Final Standings

Don Winkley       5d 14:21:32
Mike Matteson   5d 21:21:06
Abi Meadows      6d 15:45:47
Naresh Kumar    7d 00:55:04
Sherry Meador   7d 15:09:01
Fred Murolo        7d 23:42:46
Josh Holmes        8d 00:07:44
Paul Lefelhocz     8d 04:15:55
Sal Coll                   8d 06:40:29
John Price             8d 07:27:00
Erika Matheney   8d 18:57:45
Lynnor Matheny 8d 18:58:42
Diane Taylor         9d 15:11:34
Joe Judd DNF
Fred Davis DNF
Stu Gleman DNF
Shannon Burke DNF
Joe Ninke DNF
Marvin Skagerberg DNF

Race details on Google Maps

Carl Laniak has posted some photos from Castle Rock on Picasa The home of multiday running news and events.

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